Traveling, Tenants and Time

Written by Jeff Wybo

One of my favourite things to do in this world is to travel.  In fact, it’s the reason I started to purchase properties in the first place.  I wanted freedom and passive income. I wanted to have a real estate empire so big that I could order any food I wanted on the Isle of Capri or to stay up late in important conversations with millionaires in the Bahamas.  Whatever it was or what you can relate to it wasn’t about tenant parking wars, garbage or noise. 

Without fail, every time I travelled, my tenants would interrupt my world.  I didn’t have systems in place. Some would call me. Others would text me. “Hey Jeff” followed by a complaint or comment that would always crash me back to reality. 

Does this sound like you?   Do you know landlords like this?

I’ve finally taken control of my properties.  CYP is more than a software it is a training tool.  It taught me the proper way to be a landlord. Now my tenants use this system I put in place and all requests go through the software.  Everything is properly documented and issues are handled as per my rules not by tenants who know how to text at all hours of the day. 

Now I can go on hikes in Switzerland up the hills or enjoy good friends in Berlin and not be on my tenant’s time.  My time is under control.