Ten Commandments of Tenant Communication

Best Practices

1. Always stay professional.

2. Keep lines of communication open and clear. (make it clear how tenants can and should get in contact with you)

3. No Friend Zone, you can be friendly but never friends. (have clear boundaries)

4. Always follow up. (after they report something, or if they drop communication)

5. Stay in contact. (Don’t let more than 3 months go by without communication) 

6. Company policy, no exceptions. (Have a clear set of guidelines or policies for common situations, and always follow them, it’s nothing personal, just company policy)

7. Be detailed in all communications. (State specific dates, times and reasons for any disruptions or notices of entry, etc.)

8. Manage expectations from Day 1. (have a property/unit binder/rules with clear expectations) 

9. Written communication is always better than verbal.

10. Remember that tenants are your customers.