Ontario Human Rights Code & Landlording

Written by Matt McKeever If you’re a landlord in Ontario Canada – it’s important that you be familiar with the Ontario Human Rights Code. You cannot select or refuse tenants based on race, place of origin, ethnic origin, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, marital status, family status (e.g. children) or disability.  It’s extremely important that […]

Traveling, Tenants and Time

Written by Jeff Wybo One of my favourite things to do in this world is to travel.  In fact, it’s the reason I started to purchase properties in the first place.  I wanted freedom and passive income. I wanted to have a real estate empire so big that I could order any food I wanted […]

Did you know as an Ontario Landlord you’re required to provide your tenants with the following brochure?

The Brochure Outlines the Following Landlord Rights & Responsibilities. Landlord Rights and Responsibilities Your landlord has the right to: collect a rent deposit – It cannot be more than one month’s rent, or if rent is paid weekly, one week’s rent. This deposit must be used as the rent payment for the last month or […]

It’s not Property Management, its People Management Too!

Written by Kory MacKinnon There is no such thing as a bad tenant.  It’s true if you think about it! Just a landlord with poor systems and knowledge.  A landlord that didn’t take the time to educate themselves or learn from the best in the industry so that they could avoid those potential nightmare situations.   […]

Never Give a Rent Discount

Written by Matt McKeever Never give a rent discount. Always keep cost reimbursements to tenants or compensation for problems as separate financial transactions. Many novice landlords make the mistake of providing rent discounts to tenants. It’s always better to charge the full rent amount, and then pay or reimburse any expenses or cost the tenant […]

Why cloud-based tools are Essential for a property manager

One of the hardest parts of managing rental properties is the sheer volume of information that needs to be kept track of. This includes but is not limited to the following: rent roll, tenant lease terms, utility bill amounts, rental licences, key/door/internet passwords, tenant contact information, repair requests and general maintenance logs, just to name […]

Property Management Tips

Always use keyless entry when possible, but keep a backup key on site in a lockbox.  Love found money? Get yourself a coin operated laundry machine! Reliance Protection Plans are an affordable solution to protect you, your investments, and your time from unexpected disasters. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is an extremely durable and affordable product […]


General Concept:  In Ontario, for the majority of existing tenancies (see below for exact criteria), rent increases are mandated by the province.  For example, in 2019 it is set as 1.8%. This means that on rent of $1,000 a month (if the tenancy meets the criteria set out below), a landlord can increase the rent […]

Notice of Entry (Ontario)

General Concept:  It’s important to understand that there are different circumstances under which a landlord may enter a unit, and different procedures required depending upon the specific situation. The 3 situations under which a landlord may enter a unit is: With no notice With verbal notice With written notice It’s extremely important that a landlord […]

5 ways to screen tenants

How to do it properly So you’ve found yourself a property. First of all, congratulations! That’s half the battle right there. Now you have started to market your property to potential renters and have started to get interest from potential tenants about your property. But you want to make sure that everything they said in […]