The importance of accurately filing

Written by Adam JD Martin One hundred and ninety-five days. That’s how long it took from the time I served my N13, until the day I was finally sitting in the Landlord Tenant Board, patiently waiting through hearing after hearing, as landlords and tenants presented their respective cases to the adjudicators. The air was sterile, […]

Super Simple Ways to Make Improvements at Your Rental Property

Written by Mike Nowicki While some home renovation projects are best left to the pros, there are many fun side projects you can take on with basic tools, minimal work and no experience. Not only can you do them alone, but they’ll cost less when you take labor costs out of the equation. Leave the […]

Pets, Smokers and Unwanted Odours

Written by Adam JD Martin When it comes to purchasing real estate, one of the best strategies is to buy the ugliest house on the block. One of the first signs you will notice from the road is the roof that should have been replaced years ago, the crazy unkempt landscaping, and the plethora of […]

Maintenance Requests & the Absent Landlord

Written by Adam JD Martin You’ve read the posts on Facebook, you’ve seen the online forums, and if you’re reading this- you probably know one. Maybe it’s you. Who am I talking about? I’m talking about the absent landlords. One of the biggest complaints we see online about landlords is that they aren’t there when […]

Your tenants are not your friends

Written by Lara Cutler A common mistake new investors make is trying to befriend their tenants. This can be out of fear or out of the goodness of their hearts! The notion that if you befriend your tenant they will take better care of the property is an easy assumption to make. If this resonates […]

8 Things to Ask yourself about being a landlord

How can Control Your Property reduce the load on you? 1. How far do you live from your property? Do you live a long way from your property? The further away from your property you are, the tougher it will be to do maintenance, checkups etc. Control Your Property can help by making digital a […]

4 types of tenants you’ll deal with as a landlord

Written by Mike Nowicki A Class  The A class is a special type of renter. These are usually rich people who do not need to be renting. They have no problem affording a mortgage, however they see the advantages of renting instead of owning their primary residence. The types of properties that are required for […]

Ontario Human Rights Code & Landlording

Written by Matt McKeever If you’re a landlord in Ontario Canada – it’s important that you be familiar with the Ontario Human Rights Code. You cannot select or refuse tenants based on race, place of origin, ethnic origin, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, marital status, family status (e.g. children) or disability.  It’s extremely important that […]

Traveling, Tenants and Time

Written by Jeff Wybo One of my favourite things to do in this world is to travel.  In fact, it’s the reason I started to purchase properties in the first place.  I wanted freedom and passive income. I wanted to have a real estate empire so big that I could order any food I wanted […]

Did you know as an Ontario Landlord you’re required to provide your tenants with the following brochure?

The Brochure Outlines the Following Landlord Rights & Responsibilities. Landlord Rights and Responsibilities Your landlord has the right to: collect a rent deposit – It cannot be more than one month’s rent, or if rent is paid weekly, one week’s rent. This deposit must be used as the rent payment for the last month or […]