8 Things to Ask yourself about being a landlord

How can Control Your Property reduce the load on you?

1. How far do you live from your property?

Do you live a long way from your property? The further away from your property you are, the tougher it will be to do maintenance, checkups etc. Control Your Property can help by making digital a big chunk of the management tasks which would free up time that you could use for travel purposes.

2. Are you stress tolerant?

This is the hardest one and can really push you to your limits. So many things can go wrong here including:

  • Tenants getting in fights
  • Domestic disputes
  • Illegal businesses being run out of the property
  • Parties that damage the property
  • Sneaking extra people or animals into the property
  • Destroying the property
  • Professional tenants

Control Your Property allows you to send digital Ontario forms which makes management easier and since the platform is digital it can remove some of that immediate face-to-face conflict which may or may not help depending on the kind of person you are.

3. Are you overwhelmed with your properties?

Many things can go wrong or simply need your attention, so as an investor with multiple properties it can be very valuable to reduce the load on yourself any way possible. With Control Your Property, that can be done very easily and you can rest easier knowing a lot of the menial tasks are looked after digitally.

4. How experienced with maintenance are you?

Are you capable of repairs or do you know someone to call who can? Good contractors are hard to come by and maintenance is a huge part of being a landlord. If you don’t feel capable of doing this sort of thing on your own then perhaps you’ll need a hand.

5. How fast do you get your units rented?

Showing, doing calls, and advertising a unit can take a huge amount of time. With the online application process, you can be much quicker with this side of things. You can send out digital applications to prospective tenants through ads, email or whatever other channels you have set up and get back to doing the important tasks.

6. Can you deal with the accounting and record keeping?

With online payment processing and Quickbooks integration, Control Your Property makes managing the financial  end of things much easier for those who aren’t clerically inclined or are busy doing other important tasks.

7. How well do you know the rules?

One needs to make sure they understand the rules well so they can run the property in a way that will allow one to avoid lawsuits and other liabilities. Control Your Property helps with that by giving you access to several digital tools including a number of the Ontario Standard forms.

8. Is property management the best use of your time from a financial standpoint?

What else do you do? Are you a full time investor? You need to take a good look at your skill set and figure out which skills bring you the highest returns. Control Your Property is a great budget option for making the management of your property much simpler and quicker so you can focus more of your energy on the high-return tasks.