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Our property management platform is more than a ridiculously awesome tool, it’s an asset to your property management business. Our experienced team of designers and developers have thoughtfully crafted and tested each aspect of this platform, with you in mind.

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Online Payments

Chasing tenants for rent is a hassle, and it’s even worse when you have to go and pick up cheques or envelopes. Save time and energy, and ultimately get paid faster by having your tenants pay you directly through our software. For only $1 per transaction, you can get paid while you sleep. Pre-authorized debit transactions are cheap, convenient, and provide the best experience for both you and your tenants.

Lease Agreements

Fill out your Ontario RTA Standard Lease with no unnecessary errors! We’ve fully integrated the form into our software to create a seamless process for filling out your leases without mistakes. Simply fill out the form on our software, which is protected by required fields ensuring you don’t forget anything, and the software will automatically populate the Ontario Standard Lease and send it out for signing. Once signed by both you and your tenants, the lease will be securely stored in your tenant’s profile for future reference. Each lease signed electronically counts as one out of the five included signatures with your subscription.


Electronic Forms

Ever had to fill in any of the standard Ontario forms and felt a little lost? Have you seen or heard of landlords receiving unfavourable rulings at the Landlord Tenant Board? Minimize your chances of being one of those landlords by having your paperwork properly filled out and documented. We also have a host of electronic forms that will benefit you and your tenants.

Our software has fully integrated the following forms:

  • N1
  • N4
  • N9
  • N11
  • Electronic Delivery Consent Form
  • MORE to come

Quickbooks Integration

For our customers that have chosen to do their accounting with Quickbooks, simply connect your account to the platform and our software will automatically record to your Quickbooks ledger to make the tax season simple for you and your accountant.


Notification System

Send and receive notifications between you, your tenant, and your preferred service providers or maintenance people. You have the ability to send notifications to your entire portfolio, a single building, a single unit, or to a particular tenant. If you’re like us, you will also be using this functionality to schedule reminders about recurring tasks that get lost in the day to day; like changing furnace filters and safety inspections. This feature is also great for reminding tenants that the end of the month is approaching fast, it’s almost garbage day, and happy holidays!

Online Applications

Create an application for new tenants that will populate and fill their lease using our forms to make sure that important information doesn’t get overlooked when selecting your new tenants. You can also create a URL so that tenants can fill it out on their own time and get it back to you electronically when they’re done. Our forms have all the required fields marked so that you will never be missing vital information on your application again- and you won’t have to decipher the hieroglyphics from handwritten paper applications.


Manage Properties

You will no longer be digging through hundreds of emails from service providers and utility companies, or digging through files for leases. Control Your Property has an incredibly easy to use interface that stores all your building, unit, and tenant information in one spot this means you or your property manager have all the information they need readily available.

Maintenance Directory

Stop digging through your phone contacts and emails to figure out where you left that number that one time, or that email you thought you received a couple years ago when you needed that roofer or electrician. Control Your Property allows you to store all the relevant information for each trade in your rolodex so you don’t need to go looking for it ever again. Have a property manager or someone looking after your properties? Get them their free account so they don’t need to call you when an issue arises, and automatically assign them to approved maintenance requests.



Get instant access to all of our core features including:

  • Online payments
  • Online Lease Agreements
  • Online Applications
  • Maintenance Requests
  • Online Forms Integration: N1, N4, N9, N11, N13 and More
  • Rent Receipt Generation
  • Tenant Portal
  • Quickbooks Integration
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